HYBRID PHYSICS Livestream Classes

HYBRID PHYSICS Livestream classes are going to start soon. Like other video lectures of Physics Galaxy these will also be free. The major difference in existing concept videos of Physics Galaxy and Hybrid Physics livestream classes is hindi communication (with english notes) and presence of instructor.

Click on the link below to enroll in HP livestream classes after login. You will be provided with your enrollment ID which you can use in all further communication purpose. Other benefits of enrollment will be informed to you once classes will start.


On clicking the above button you get 1000 Hybrid Physics Coins . Click to enroll now !

HP Coins and Referral Mechanism

On enrollment in HYBRID PHYSICS Livestream Classes you get 1000 HPC & a friend invite link which you can share with your friends.

When you share the invite link with any of your friends (Called Friends-Alpha) then if they register for HP Livestream Classes using this link then they get 1500 HPC with new invite link & you get 500 Bonus HPC.

If your Friends-Alpha share their invite link with their friends (called your Friends-Beta and their Friends-Alpha) then also you get 100 Bonus HPC for each new enrollment in your chain (Friends-Beta further derived by your Friends-Alpha or Beta).

HP Coins can be used for assessing yourself in a highly competitive enviornment. Assessment mechanism will be shared later.

Physics Galaxy encourages HPC Mechanism so that maximum students will complete together to grow together in achieving their goals.